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Jordan Greywolf's miniatures. (Hi-res version)

Some of Jordan Greywolf's artwork is presented here as miniatures, suitable for printing and using in your IronClaw game. In this set, there are eight miniatures included: The elementals (Undine, Salamander, Gnome, Sylph and Paragon) and also Spirit, Shade and Zombie.

Due to popular request, the miniatures are now available directly as PDF files, ready for printing, so just load it in Acrobat reader and print. From the printed page, cut out the outline of the miniature's bounding rectangle. Then fold it double over the middle, so that the artwork stays on the outside. After this, fold out the two dark flaps at what becomes the bottom part of the miniature. Put a little bit of tape at the white side of the bottom plate, and the figure is finished, complete with an arrow pointing in the direction the character is facing.

This design is more stable than the triangular one used for the hitherto published IronClaw paper character miniatures. If you want even more stability (for windy days), you can just tape a small coin to the bottom of each miniature. Happy gaming!

  • Download the miniatures (PDF file, 220kb, ~75 dpi)

The JPEG artefacts from the original images were partially removed and replaced with our own JPEG artefacts :). They are usually not visible on printed media. If you absolutely need a lossless version without any artefacts at all, contact us.

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